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Shampoo and Conditioning your hair correctly.

Do you wash your hair properly??

This is something many of us do on a daily basis but do we do it the right way – here is some tips on how to get the best from our hair.

Start with a rinse – your hair should be soaked through before any shampoo is applied, the hot water opens the cuticle, helps to remove the dirt & loosens the oils in your scalp. This will all help your shampoo to clean your hair and your conditioner to penetrate through the hair.

Lathering up – as the hair closest to your scalp is the youngest & therefore contains the most oil the best way to lather up is to concentrate on your scalp. The ends of your hair are the oldest, they are drier than the roots and can often be fragile.

Be Gentle – Friction can permanently damage the hair cuticle, this can lead to breakage and frizz. Increase blood flow to the scalp and stimulate hair growth by using vertical strokes and medium pressure. Using circular motions can tangle your hair – so these are best avoided and remember don’t scrub fragile ends.

Make sure you are using the best shampoo for your hair type – ask your stylist to recommend your home hair care products.

After washing your hair the next step is to use a conditioner/mask/treatment.

Always remember conditioner/mask/treatment only goes on your hair from mid length to ends – don’t put conditioner on your roots!! The longer your conditioner/mask/treatment says on the hair the better it absorbs.

To pamper your hair at home try towel drying your hair, apply the conditioner/mask/treatment and wrap your hair in a towel, leave for a while – you could even do this while doing the hovering/ironing etc.

Rinse off until your hair feels squeaky clean and finish with a cold water rinse. Cold water will shut the cuticle tight, sealing the shingle like outer layer which will cause your hair to reflect the most light and give off a brilliant shine.


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