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Hair Tips for Winter

A few every day tips to help keep your hair gorgeous this winter – if you are a fragrance lover please avoid spraying perfume directly on your hair, perfume contains alcohol which sucks moisture out of your hair leaving it brittle & dry. Never go outside in the winter with wet hair, not only will you catch a cold, but your hair will be very sensitive & brittle. Finally when washing your hair avoid using excessively hot water as it will dry out your hair, use tepid or warm water for shiny hair all year round. Hopefully we will have inspired you to love your hair this winter.

Why do stylists Recommend Salon Products??

Professional Hairdressers are “in the know” when it comes to the science & technology behind current & new products. We use the products on a daily basis and see the results first hand.

The active ingredients in products used in the salon are 5 times more concentrated than those stocked in retail stores – you need to use less of the product and will find that your products will last you longer.

Using the correct products for your hair will help you keep that “Salon Look”.

When you come to our Salon for a fabulous cut or an amazing colour we want you to look gorgeous for more than just that day. If you are using unsuitable products at home you will be undoing all the hard work from the salon. When you come to Anna Furlongs you not only get superb service and advice on your cut and colour but also on the best way to keep you hair in “tip top” condition between visits.


A bad hair day often lasts longer than a day. Hair is weather sensitive and the environment can play havoc with your lovely locks. While many people assume that summer is more damaging, winter can be equally harsh on your hair.

Many people take less precautions with their hair in winter, but winter sun exposure combined with wind, rain, hot air inside & cold air outside can all contribute to dry, brittle & frizzy hair with static.

A very important tool in your winter kit is a good moisturising conditioner. Every hair type including fine hair needs a conditioner. If you find that using conditioner makes your hair feel limp, you are using the wrong one for your hair type.

Shampoo opens up the hair cuticle leaving the hair shaft rough & porous, conditioner closes down the cuticle, leaving the hair smooth shiny & with less tangles.

Coarse, thick or curly hair should have an intensive treatment once or twice a week as well as regular conditioner every time you shampoo.

All hair types should use a leave in product. Moroccan Oil is always a favourite. It is rich in antioxidant argan oil. The fatty acids in the oil make it an excellent moisturiser for your hair.


For blond or fine hair there is a light Moroccan Oil. This is a great value product as one bottle could last up to 12 months, so it is a sensible investment. Beware of cheaper brands as they are often watered down and are not really of any benefit to your hair.

For annoying static or fly away hair a great product is Moroccan Oil Frizz Control, it’s a must for all hair types that are prone to frizz. When using this product frizz is eliminated and static is controlled no matter what the weather brings.


For those who don’t like oils, Equave 2 phase Hydro Nutritive detangling conditioner is a lovely light leave in product. The lower phase revitalises, hydrates & nourishes. The upper phase repairs the structure of the hair reducing the damage and dryness. Give the bottle a good shake before spraying on damp hair.


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